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Welcome to Gilliam & Mundy Drilling Co. Inc.Water Well Drilling Services Since 1972
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Annual Well Maintenance

We are pleased to offer our customers an annual maintenance plan designed to keep your system running safely and smoothly in order to minimize outages and water quality degradation. We will perform diagnostic testing, visual inspection, bacteriological analysis and water treatment performance assessment on an annual basis to confirm that your family is drinking water that is safe. Preemptive maintenance is a good measure to take to keep good quality water flowing in your home.

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Most well water will require some type of treatment to give you the best results in your home. The natural occurrence of minerals in well water means that the water will most likely be hard and cause stains on fixtures and buildup in appliances and showers. We are proud to offer water treatment solutions from WaterRight. They offer a full range of products to treat for hardness as well as iron, iron bacteria, pH balance, sediment and bacteria. Water treatment is also available if your water is supplied by your municipality.

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